Shanghai Lingang

Shanghai Lingang-SHLINGANGIC
Shanghai Lingang Innovation Center Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Lingang Innovation”) was founded in 2009 as a science and technology park company. It was established under the direction of the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission and is dedicated to the incubation and cultivation of enterprises in Lingang Special Area of Shanghai. The business registration and tax management of Lingang Innovation are in Lingang Special Area of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone.
Lingang Innovation is located in the main area of the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center and is the urban center of Lingang Special Area of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, and thus enjoys the special policies. It is the Intelligent Manufacturing Center of China National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center and is currently the only “state-level technology business incubator” company specialized in intelligent manufacturing in Lingang Special Area. It has been identified as the “Shanghai science and technology business incubator”, the “Shanghai incubation service advanced unit”, the “Advanced work unit with quality in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi, Shanghai,” the “Nominated award enterprise of district chief quality award in Pudong New Area” and the “Shanghai new incubator”, etc.

The establishment of the new area is a major strategic deployment of the Party Central Committee with Chairman Xi Jinping at the core, to take the overall situation and make scientific decisions to further expand opening efforts. It is an important measure for the new era to demonstrate the country’s clear attitude towards fully opening up and to actively lead the healthy development of economic globalization.
Lingang Special Area sits at the intersection of Yangtze River and Hangzhou Bay, connecting in the north to the Pudong International Airport, the third largest airport in the world, and in the south to the Yangshan Deep Water Port, the largest container port in the world, As a critical link on the coastal transport channel in Shanghai and an independent node city in Yangtze River Delta, Lingang is the only multi-purpose port in southeast Shanghai – Shanghai South Port, and combines sea, land, air, rail, metro and river transport.
Thanks to its rich water, forest and wet land resources, the downtown of Lingang has a water and green coverage ratio of 65%. Its PM 2.5 index remains at around 30 all year round. Lingang offers premium education and health care, as well as improved cultural, entertainment and commercial facilities. All these factors are making Lingang Special Area a modern international city with a pro-business environment, achieving high-quality opening efforts on deeper levels, in broader areas, and with stronger determination on all fronts.

♦ Finance
Increase support for the issuance of government bonds in the new area.
Strengthen the flexible use of cross-border funds.
Develop cross-border financial services based on international standards.
Establish a fund management center.
♦ Talents
Optimize the policy for direct settlement of talents in the new area.
Shorten the number of years of “transfer of households” in the new area.
Implement special bonus poMints policy for residence permit.
Establish priority channels for foreign talent and entrepreneurs.
♦ Tax
15% reduction in corporate income tax for the four major industries.
Corresponding subsidy policy for enterprise value-added tax.
Subsidize the difference between foreign and domestic income tax.
♦ Industry
Support core breakthrough in technologies and products.
Facilitate construction and promotion of industrial competence.
Boost independent innovation capacity building.

♦ Integrated circuit (IC)
Support the prioritized settlement of major projects and core technology and product R&D.
Provide up to 50% of R&D fund for enterprises and support scale development.
First-time bonus of 1-5 million yuan for IC design companies with an annual sales revenue of over 50 million to 1 billion yuan.
First-time bonus of over 2 million yuan for IC manufacturing, packaging and testing companies with an annual sales revenue of over 5 billion yuan.
Support EDA software purchasing, R&D and IP purchasing.
Support test verification and enterprise tape-out.

♦ Biomedicine
Support scale development.
First time bonus of 3 million yuan for the top 100 pharmaceutical enterprise(s) ; Encourage market exploration.
A first-time subsidy of 100 thousand yuan for 1 million USD in annual export, and an extra subsidy of 50 thousand yuan for an extra of 100 thousand USD in annual export.
Support promotion of new medicine R&D capabilities.
A fund support of up to 3 million yuan for each license.
A fund support of up to 2 million yuan for redevelopment of drugs already in the market to incorporate new indications. 

♦ Artificial intelligence industry
Support major projects clustering and the original innovation of key technologies.
Capital support of up to 20 million yuan for industrial leading projects or disruptive breakthroughs.
Support demo application of rich scenario implementation as well as completion and initial operational infrastructure optimization.
One-time bonus of 3 million yuan or 2 million yuan for national or municipal major projects by Lingang Special Area in addition to the national or municipal support.

♦ Aerospace
Support global coordinated development as well as core technology and product R&D.
A fund support of up to 50% of R&D cost for units (syndicates) undertaking and accomplishing breakthroughs in core technologies.
Support full industry chain development and industrial clustering. A bonus of 3-5% of paid-in capital for enterprises with a paid-in capital of over 50 million yuan.
Support qualification certification.
One-time bonus of up to 1 million for each certification verified or issued by leading institutions or leading countries in aerospace.