Shanghai Free Trade Zone Innovation Summit - North America Focus (November 4th, 2021)

1st Edition Shanghai Free Trade Zone Innovation Summit Recap (June 17th, 2021)

About Us

Shanghai Lingang Innovation Center, located in the Lingang district in Shanghai, China, was founded in 2009 by the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission. It is a national business incubator featuring intelligent manufacturing with a registered capital of 152.5 million yuan. The center’s initiators are reputable public institutions and state-owned units with robust funds such as Shanghai Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center, Yangpu Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center, shareholder Fang Xinhua Publishing Group, Jiaotong University Science and Technology Park, Fudan Science and Technology Park, etc.


Integrated circuit (IC)

Support the prioritized settlement of major projects and core technology and product R&D.



Support scale development. First-time bonus of 3 million yuan for the top pharmaceutical enterprise(s)


Artificial intelligence industry

Support major projects clustering and the original innovation of key technologies.



Support global coordinated development as well as core technology and product R&D.


Policy Advantages


Increase support for the issuance of government bonds in the new area. Strengthen the flexible use of crossborder funds. Develop cross-border financial services based on international standards. Establish a fund management center.


Optimize the policy for direct settlement of talents in the new area. Shorten the number of years of “transfer of households” in the new area. Implement special bonus policy for residence permit. Establish priority channels for foreign talent and entrepreneurs.


15% reduction in corporate income tax for the four major industries. Corresponding subsidy policy for enterprise value-added tax. Subsidize the difference between foreign and domestic income tax.


Support core breakthrough in technologies and products, facilitate construction and promotion of industrial competence, boost independent innovation capacity building.


Service Vision

•Build Lingang Special Area into a complete technology innovation service process (incubation-cultivation-development)
•Build functional platform for local technology service
•Build industry cultivation in the integration of Yangtze River Delta

Services System

three-stage enterprise incubation chain called "pre-incubation - professional incubation - accelerated incubation" Delta.

Consulting Negotiation

company name checking;license getting;household registration;bank account opening;tax approval;data archiving