It’s recently learned from the Lingang Special Area Management Committee that in 2022, the GDP target will increase by 25% year-over-year; the fixed asset investment will increase by 30% year-over-year, of which industrial fixed-asset investment will increase by more than 20% year-over-year.

Lingang Special Area has set sight on a high-level development goal, to increase GDP by 25% year-over-year-SHLINGANGIC

New breakthroughs in policy and institutional innovation

2022 is the final year of the “five important” three-year action plan for the Lingang Special Area. The special area will continue to focus on all-round high-level reform and opening up and promote new breakthroughs in policy and institutional innovation.

The Lingang Special Area will take the third anniversary of its establishment as an opportunity to set high standards for international economic and trade rules and strive for the state to issue a new round of documents to support the Lingang Special Area for deepening reform and opening. At the same time, Lingang will implement the implementation plan of the Pudong Leading Zone, track and evaluate the implementation effect, and give full play to the superimposed driving effect of the Pudong Leading Zone policy on the Lingang Special Area. The special area will also fully implement the 116 tasks part of the “Several Opinions on Three Independences” and promote the promulgation of the “Lingang Special Area Regulations” to build an open policy system.

For the Yangshan Special Comprehensive Bonded Zone, the special area will continue to promote policy innovation and breakthroughs in areas such as cross-border e-commerce, “one enterprise, one policy” facilitation, and the Yangshan Port fuel filling. It will strive to reach a total operating income of 630 billion yuan within the year.

By promoting foreign shipping companies to use Yangshan Port as a hub port for international transit and consolidation, the special area strives to promote the container throughput of Yangshan Port to reach 24 million TEUs during the year. It will launch a “one-stop” service solution on the “International Transit Consolidation Public Service Platform” to promote the settlement of key international transit conglomerate enterprises.

High-quality development to a new level

To promote high-quality development to a new level, the special area will enhance the ability to source scientific and technological innovation, accelerate the agglomeration and growth of cutting-edge industries, promote the innovative development of the financial industry, and promote the high-quality development of the trade industry.

Among them, at least 10 leading enterprise innovation consortiums will be established, 300 new high-tech enterprises, 200 new specialized enterprises, 100 key industries with preferential income tax, 50 enterprise R&D and innovation institutions, and 6 technological innovation platforms will be newly recognized during the year. The goal is to build an innovation system centering around enterprises.

Lingang Special Area has set sight on a high-level development goal, to increase GDP by 25% year-over-year-SHLINGANGIC

The investment in frontier industrial projects signed during the year will reach 100 billion yuan. It will support the creation of new characteristic parks such as the International Hydrogen Energy Valley and Power City, support the accelerated cultivation and creation of characteristic industrial buildings, promote the acceleration of the production service industry, and promote high marine technology. Minlian and other parks have a revenue scale of 10 billion yuan, and it will promote the scale of Zhangjiang Lingang, Jinqiao Lingang and town-level parks to reach 5 billion. In addition, the scale of the integrated circuit industry will reach 20 billion yuan within the year, the scale of the biomedical industry will reach 8 billion yuan within the year, the scale of the artificial intelligence industry will double, and the scale of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry will reach 100 billion yuan within the year.

In the financial industry, 100 financial institutions and investment enterprises of various types and 20 asset management institutions were introduced during the year, and the first phase of Dishui Lake Financial Bay was built with an area of more than 600,000 square meters. In addition, the new fund management scale reached 70 billion yuan during the year, and 3-5 new companies were listed.

The special area will also support the establishment of a national commodity warehouse receipt registration center, cooperate with qualified commodity spot markets, and promote the development of bonded warehouse receipt registration and trading business. Lingang Speical Area will explore the construction of an oil and gas transaction pricing center with international influence, support the innovative development of offshore trade, vigorously develop digital trade, explore the construction of a national digital service export base, and cultivate a digital trade demonstration area to accelerate the development of new formats and models of foreign trade. In addition, it will accelerate the gathering of various companies to set their headquarters in Lingang, improve the identification process of headquartered companies in the special area, and add 10 headquartered companies during the year.