On the roads of Lingang Nicheng Community, there are more turquoise buses these days. The word “HO” on the body shows its distinctiveness: this is the first hydrogen energy bus in the special area – Lingang Road 7 bus line has been running on for more than two months.

Focus Lingang Special Area: Deploying New Tracks and Promoting New Industries-SHLINGANGIC

The core of operation for the hydrogen energy bus comes from Shanghai Hyundai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., a local enterprise rooted in Lingang. Their newly developed 230kW product has completed the performance test and is currently the world’s most powerful fuel cell stack.

Since the inception of Lingang Special Area, construction has accelerated, with more than 970 newly signed projects and a total investment of more than 500 billion yuan. The new track for the layout of emerging industries has become a new target for Lingang.

“Lingang made” the world’s largest power fuel cell stack will be released

From the main urban area of Lingang, along the newly built Lianggang Avenue, it will be quickly elevated, and it will soon reach the China-Japan (Shanghai) Local Development Cooperation Demonstration Zone. Taking fuel cell cooperation as the entry point, the joint hydrogen energy key technology is being carried out here. Tackling key problems and creating a cooperation platform for R&D and manufacturing in the new energy industry.

The development of hydrogen energy and fuel cell vehicles has become a global consensus, and fuel cells are the power source for these future vehicles. The stack composed of hundreds of panels “hand in hand” is not only the core of the fuel cell’s power generation, but also the key to reducing the cost of the vehicle.
The Lingang Special Area is developing the hydrogen energy industry, building an “International Hydrogen Energy Valley”, and creating a leading area for hydrogen energy development. Lingang is building a domestic first-class and world-renowned hydrogen energy industrial park with an investment of 10 billion yuan and an industry of 100 billion yuan and is undertaking the supply task of high-power fuel cells.

Create an industrial chain of “1,000-kilometer battery life for electric vehicles”

Just at the southern end of Lianggang Avenue, Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory has just released its annual report for the past year, with an annual delivery of 484,000 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 235%. The Tesla Shanghai R&D Innovation Center, which has been put into use, focuses on the development of software and hardware, processes, and technologies. It also undertakes application adaptation and standard testing in the Chinese market, and participates in global AI (artificial intelligence) machine learning-related research and development.

Focus Lingang Special Area: Deploying New Tracks and Promoting New Industries-SHLINGANGIC

Similarly, in the Lingang Smart Factory of SAIC Group, the Zhiji L7 Beta experience version has come off the assembly line. It took only 22 months for Zhiji Auto to go from project approval to the delivery of the first car. Through parallel development and cross-border joint research, the team integrates many leading intelligent cutting-edge technologies in the industry to achieve a new level of “intelligence” in the industry and create a new generation of intelligent network-connected new terminal products.
“With a fighting attitude of not waiting for time, we will seize the new track and stand at the forefront. The special area will aim at the direction and entry point to build a ‘power city’.” The Lingang Special Area Management Committee is full of high-tech industries and technological innovation. Zhangtong Chang said that the special area will focus on aviation, new energy, ships, automobiles, industrial machines, etc., and strengthen the pro-cyclical layout of the industry and the advance layout of industrialization.

Create a favorable policy environment for the accelerated formation of new business formats

In the past year, the cutting-edge technology industry in the Lingang Special Area has accelerated. The output value of the new energy automobile industry has exceeded 100 billion yuan for the first time. Its industrial scale will also grow rapidly as a large number of projects are completed and put into operation one after another.

The rapid development of industrial clusters has enriched the underlying soil for policy innovation. Qunfeng Wu, Director of the System Innovation and Risk Prevention Division of the Management Committee of Lingang Special Area, said that the Management Committee will focus on the pain points and difficulties encountered in the development of eight frontier industries, finance, trade and shipping, and further loosen and empower industrial development. The accelerated formation of new industrial forms and new business forms creates a favorable policy environment.