On November 25, the Shanghai Data Exchange was established, and the 2021 Shanghai Global Digital Business Conference was held in Pudong Urban Planning and Public Art Center. A reporter from Shanghai Securities News learned from the conference that the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone Lingang Specia Area will be on the forefront of reform and opening up. Industrial digitization will be at the core, focusing on the global digital economy and creating 10 cross-border areas. The industrial collaborative innovation demonstration zone brings together 100 cross-border data support service companies and is leading companies in key fields to create an industrial ecosystem with a scale of 100 billion yuan.

Lingang Special Area: Building an International Data Port and a Global Data Convergence and Circulation Hub-SHLINGANGIC

The Lingang Special Area will also explore the construction of a national data cross-border flow test demonstration zone and build a cross-border convenient and interactive “international data port” integrating industry clusters and display transactions. Lingang will carry out cross-border data flow security assessment, build a cross-border data flow public service platform, explore the formulation of low-risk cross-border flow data catalogs, and ensure cross-border data security and control. Under the premise of not involving state secrets and personal privacy, explore the non-localized storage of data in specific fields. Lingang will accelerate advancement of digital industrialization and regulatory innovation, gather digital innovative enterprises, and promote the cross-border circulation of data in areas such as intelligent connected cars, e-commerce, and finance. Lingang will also accelerate the opening up of the information service industry, orderly liberalize the access restrictions on foreign investment in value-added telecommunications business and improve the access and supervision of foreign capital in emerging business formats such as cloud computing. The area will construct new infrastructures such as dedicated Internet data channels and functional data centers and create a global data aggregation and transfer hub platform. It will build offshore data centers to support enterprises to carry out related data processing activities while ensuring data security.