On November 25th, at the invitation of Huainan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Lin Qu, General Manager of Shanghai Lingang Science and Innovation Center, Hua Yang, Dean of Global Cross-border Technology Exchange Research Institute, Min Bi, Manager of Lingang Science and Innovation Strategy Development, and Deqiang Gao visited Huainan. They were received by Qianshen Wang, Deputy Secretary of Huainan Municipal Party Committee, Qun Li, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Management Committee of the High-tech Zone, Yun Sheng, Deputy Director of the Municipal Investment Service Center, and Ming Zhai, Deputy Director of the High-tech Zone Management Committee.

General Manager Lin Qu and his team visits Huainan-SHLINGANGIC

After both the guest and host watched the Lingang Innovation Center promotional video, General Manager Lin Qu gave an overview of the center and its strategic concept. Lingang Innovation Center is a national technology business incubator relying on the high-quality resources of Shanghai Technology Exchange, National Technology Transfer East Center, Yangpu Venture Incubation Group, Global Cross-Border Technology Trade Center and Offshore Industry Incubation Base. Lingang Innovation Center actively promotes the integration of the Yangtze River Delta in China and has set up numerous sub-centers in various cities.

Deputy Secretary Qianshen Wang, on behalf of the Huainan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, extended a warm welcome to General Manager Qu Lin and his team to Huainan. Huainan is a city in the north-central part of Anhui. It is developing in the same way as the city of Hefei, with convenient transportation and location advantages. As a former coal-power-dominant city, transformation and development are imperative to meet the country’s “carbon neutral” and “carbon peak” strategic requirements. Huainan is eager to establish strategic cooperation with Shanghai, the leader in the Yangtze River Delta. Lingang Innovation Center can empower Huainan. Both parties can build sub-centers, and industrial collaboration and dual innovation demonstration bases, and attract investments.

Director Qun Li gave an overview of Huainan National High-tech Zone. The high-tech zone is building a “131” dynamic industrial system featuring a new generation of information technology industries such as big data, leading by new energy (new materials), life and health, and advanced manufacturing, and supported by modern service industries. The cooperation between the two parties has a foundation and has a common direction and goal. The high-tech zone also has the conditions to undertake the construction of sub-centers, and it is hoped that the two parties will form a joint force to move forward as soon as possible.

General Manager Lin Qu and his team visits Huainan-SHLINGANGIC

Through this visit and exchange, the two parties have gained a certain understanding of each other and reached many consensuses. Both parties believe that the road of cooperation in the future will definitely get better. Lingang Innovation Center Overseas Affairs Department will work with the Strategic Development Department and Huainan Investment Service Center to form a special work class to jointly promote planning and implementation.