After early efforts from CJ International Group, many enterprises have settled in Lingang Science and Technology Park. In addition, the Group has actively assisted in the integration of Lingang Innovation in the Yangtze River Delta, and maintains close contact with Lianyungang, Jiangshan, Lin’an and many other places. At the end of this month, the Deputy Mayor of Lianyungang will bring the Director of the Bureau of Commerce and the Director of the Investment Promotion Bureau to visit the Lingang Overseas Affairs Department. In the near future, the department will visit Jiashan to discuss cooperation.

CJ International Group of Lingang Innovation Center’s Overseas Affairs Department Visits Lin’an, Zhejiang-SHLINGANGIC

On October 11, 2021, Mr. Hongfei Zhang, the General Representative of CJ International Group in China, and Mr. Hua Yang, the President of the Global Cross-Border Technology Exchange Research Institute came to Lin’an, Zhejiang to meet with Mr. Zheting Huang and Mr. Yun Lu, Director and Deputy Director of China Merchants. Negotiations and exchanges were held.

Mr. Lu welcomed the arrival of CJ and introduced Lin’an. Lin’an is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang and has convenient transportation. The Qingshan Lake Science and Technology City built by Lin’an, together with the Future Science and Technology City and Zhejiang University Science and Technology City, form the Chengxi Science and Technology Grand Corridor. The Science and Technology City has 65 enterprises with an output value of more than 100 million yuan, 94 national high-tech enterprises, and 10 listed companies, focusing on the four major areas of high-end equipment core components, new energy and new materials, high-end medical equipment, and digital economy technology. Tianmu Pharmaceutical Port, a big health industry platform, gathers pharmaceutical companies such as Otsuka Pharmaceutical and Huadong Pharmaceutical.

CJ International Group of Lingang Innovation Center’s Overseas Affairs Department Visits Lin’an, Zhejiang-SHLINGANGIC

Mr. Zhang expressed his joy of coming to Lin’an, recalled the past of studying at Zhejiang University, and introduced Lingang Innovation Center and its layout strategy in the Yangtze River Delta. Lingang Innovation Center was established in 2009 by the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission. It is located in Lingang, Shanghai. It is a national technology business incubator featuring intelligent manufacturing. Due to the large number of enterprises and the limited land in the Lingang area, the establishment of branch centers in the surrounding areas of the Yangtze River Delta has become a major strategy for Lingang Innovation Center to better serve enterprises. Currently, the Ningbo Fenghua branch has been established, and other areas are also under negotiation.

Mr. Huang said that Lin’an is adjacent to Shanghai, Nanjing, Ningbo and other places and has a geographical advantage. The industry environment and supporting enterprises are very good. There are customs centers and public bonded warehouses, which are important to the development of enterprises. Lin’an’s industrial positioning is very clear. It is mainly for integrated circuit, pharmaceutical, and equipment manufacturing industries. Representative companies include Hangcha Group, Holley Technology, and Xizi Elevator. Lin’an has 7 universities and 36 scientific research institutes and is rich in talents and scientific research resources. Mr. Huang also expressed his interest in the current cooperation model of Lingang Innovation Center in setting up branch centers in other provinces and cities.

The two parties conducted detailed exchanges on project in their respective industrial parks and found that their projects have a high degree of relevance to each other, and more cooperation can be welcomed. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Zhang warmly invited Mr. Huang, Mr. Lu, and others to come to Shanghai for a tour. Lingang Innovation Center and CJ International Group promote understanding and cooperation. After the meeting, Mr. Zhang and his team also visited the Qingshan Lake Science and Technology City Planning Exhibition Hall and the Cloud Manufacturing Town, and gained a more vivid and deeper understanding of Lin’an.