Take a boat trip at Dishui Lake, check in the red bridge and the starry sky, experience the vast starry sky planetarium, explore the mystery of the universe, and enjoy the charm of the ocean.

Gangxin District

Take advantage of this National Day holiday.

01 Dishui Lake No.1 Pier

Located on the south side of Metro Line 16’s Terminal Station

You can have fun on the water with a speedboat, admire the city view on a cruise, and sightsee on a bike.

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02 Starland Sponge Park

With the starry sky as the theme and featured in artistic terrains, this park integrates leisure, entertainment, and the environment.

Here you can enjoy activities such as camping, science education, outdoor exhibitions, astronomy experiences, and more.

It is a landmark area in Lingang Special Area to create a high-quality life.

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03 Chunhua Autumn Park

Natural beautiful scenery.

There are also abundant entertainment venues and facilities including Camp No. 1 and Camp No. 2, barbecue, camping, kayaking, children’s play area, etc.

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04 Gangcheng Plaza

Gangcheng Plaza is a new complex community located in the core area of Lingang. It is mainly for offices, supplemented by conventions and exhibitions. It covers hotels, residential and apartment-style hotels. The unique architectural design is a major feature of the Gangcheng Plaza.

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05 Haichang Ocean Park

A marine theme amusement park around marine setting. During the National Day, there will be several performing arts and special themed projects.

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Culture & Art

Chinese Famous Master Theme Sculpture Garden

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Lingang Contemporary Art Museum

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Dayin Lakeside Bookstore

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Shanghai Planetarium

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Dishui Hunan Island

The South Island sits on 100,000 square meters of garden landscape. The Crowne Plaza Hotel provides rich cuisine, high-quality accommodation and first-class leisure facilities and services. The Dishui Lake Center is equipped with advanced multifunctional halls and banquet halls. The Xingyuan Yaji, a cultural and leisure resort, is a perfect place for art, business and gatherings.

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China Maritime Museum

The China Maritime Museum promotes marine culture, science knowledge, and popular nautical history. It has six exhibition halls including nautical history, ships, navigation and ports, maritime and maritime safety, seafarers, and military navigation. It has a planetarium, a 4D theater, and a children’s activity center. The museum includes cultural relics, collections, and academic research.

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Second Ring City Park

The entire quarter of the park is divided into eight plots by Neilianhe and Shengang Avenue. Due to its proximity to the subway station, the northern half of the plot has high pedestrian accessibility, and the overall appearance is more urbanized. The southern half of the plot is mainly built around the Maritime Museum with a nautical theme, and the plots surrounding the hospital are dominated by natural ecological features.

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Shanghai Flower Port

Shanghai Flower Port is one of the largest flower planting bases in China. Traditional Chinese wooden bridges and wooden houses of various shapes have been built in the area. The flower display garden has continuous ornamental flowers throughout the year.

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Suyuan House

Suyuan House is a multi-functional rural tourist attraction that integrates experience of farming culture and farm life. It includes tasting of special farm dishes, purchase of special agricultural products, an overnight farm inn, conference reception, entertainment and leisure.

Note: From September 25, 2021, to May 30, 2022, the seawall of the Century Tanggang City will be closed for construction. Vehicles and tourists will not be able to enter the seawall of the Century Tanggang City along with other attractions in the area.

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