Shanghai Free Trade Zone Innovation Summit – North America Focus-SHLINGANGIC

Purpose of the conference

The 2nd Edition of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone Innovation Summit (North America focused) will be held on Thursday, November 4, 2021, at 9PM Chinese Standard Time (9AM Eastern Daylight Time). This conference is aimed at North American entrepreneurs and overseas Chinese in North America. The purpose is to give participants an in-depth introduction to the Lingang Special Area and the Zhejiang Fenghua Sub-Center, the two areas with the most development advantage and the best business environment in China in the future. Dialogues with North American companies will create the best conditions for companies to invest and develop in these two places.

Introduction of Shanghai Lingang Free Trade Zone

Lingang Special Area is located in the southeast corner of Shanghai, adjacent to the Pudong International Airport, with a total planned area of 873 square kilometers. Lingang Special Area has China’s best business environment and various preferential policies for development, taxation, talents, and household registration. It is also the headquarters of Tesla Gigafactory, BMW, General Electric, Caterpillar, Johnson & Johnson, Abbott, SMIC and other companies! Lingang already has the ability to lead the global chip, new energy and artificial intelligence industries.

By 2025, world-class companies will gather, and the economic strength and overall economic scale will increase substantially. The permanent population will reach 750,000 people, and the annual industrial output value of GDP will reach 500 billion yuan. By 2035, Lingang will become an important carrier for China’s deep integration into economic globalization. The permanent population will reach 2.5 million people, and the annual industrial output value will reach 1 trillion yuan.

Lingang is also the best place to live. In addition to the beautiful natural scenery, the world’s largest planetarium, the largest indoor ski resort, the largest duty-free shopping mall, Disneyland, and China’s third-highest bank towers, Lingang is also equipped with Shanghai’s best education, medical and other livelihood resources, reaching the living standards of a world-class city.

Lingang Science and technology Innovation Center

Ningbo Fenghua District Investment Promotion Agency

Iingang Innovation Center ·– Fenghua, Branch

Sponsor Introduction:

  • Lingang Innovation Center

Lingang Innovation Center (LGIC) is a national technology business incubator and a science and technology park. It is located in the Lingang Special Area of Shanghai. LGIC provides enterprises with talents, investment registration, acquiring preferential policies, and a whole suite of comprehensive services.

  1. Ningbo Fenghua District Investment Promotion Agency

The Investment Promotion Agency of Fenghua District, Ningbo City is a key investment promotion unit in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. It aims to build 8 industry clusters with revenues in the tens of billions. Its goal is to achieve the optimization of policies to promote the development of enterprises and talents.

  1. Lingang Innovation Center – Fenghua Branch

The total investment of the “CCCC Future City” project in the Ningbo Branch of Shanghai Lingang Innovation Center is 43.55 billion yuan. The project is jointly constructed by the Shanghai Lingang Innovation Center, the National Eastern Technology Transfer Center, the Fenghua Municipal Government of Zhejiang Province, and CCCC Urban Investment Holding Company Limited. The project aims to to promote the transfer of scientific and technological achievements and industrial incubation between Shanghai and Ningbo and become the Yangtze River Delta innovative technology propeller.

Conference Organizer Introduction

CJ International Group

CJ International Group is a multinational group with branches in China, the United States, Europe, Vietnam, Singapore, and Hong Kong. CJ is mainly engaged in import, legal consulting, investment management and other professional services. It is also the only designated service platform for business incubation of overseas enterprises by Lingang Innovation Center.

Please join us at our virtual conference on November 4, 2021 to learn more about doing business in China, how Shanghai’s free trade zone works, and Lingang Innovation Center’s services.
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