The 2.0 version of Lingang Science and Technology Park has been upgraded, and some major foreign-funded projects will be implemented one after another-SHLINGANGIC

Standing at a new starting point for the second anniversary of its founding, Lingang Science and Technology Park has launched an upgrade to version 2.0 and some major foreign-funded projects will gradually be implemented. Following the second anniversary of the establishment of the Lingang Special Area overseas entrepreneurs visited the Overseas Affairs Department of Lingang Innovation Center. On September 8, Xiaoqiong Dai, President of the United Kingdom Joint Holdings Investment Company, Giordano Zizzi, Vice President of Meilin Holdings Group and Project Leader of the Sino-Italian International Cooperation Demonstration Zone, and Andrew TuDai, the principal of the Sino-British regional cooperation fund management company, visited Shanghai Lingang Innovation Center.

Lin Qu, General Manager of Lingang Innovation Center, gave a cordial reception and extended a warm welcome to the visiting groups. Hongfei Zhang, General Representative of CJ International Group in China, and Hua Yang, President of the Cross-Border Technology Exchange Research Institute, accompanied the reception. General Manager Lin Qu gave a detailed introduction to the visiting entrepreneurs on the operation status of the park upgrade, future development plans, the new round of strategic goals of “building a global outstanding industrial cluster incubator” and the system advantages of establishing an international financial center in Lingang. Lin Qu said “the Cross-Border Technology Trade Center aims to attract domestic and foreign institutions related to technology transfer and technology trade to settle in Lingang and provide foreign scientists, entrepreneurs and technology projects with full R&D support services.” After negotiations between the two parties, three projects including new materials have been implemented, two projects are planned to be implemented, and the headquarters-type foreign-funded project will also be implemented in Lingang in the future.

Hongfei Zhang, General Representative of CJ International Group in China said, “since CJ International Group started working with Lingang Innovation Center, CJ has done a lot of work in promoting Lingang and interpreting Lingang’s policies. On the one hand, it is geared toward overseas target groups, and on the other hand, it is geared toward domestic foreign entrepreneurs, both of which have achieved certain results. In particular, the introduction and policy interpretation through international video conferences has overcome the impact of the pandemic and played a role in overseas promotion. At the same time, CJ International Group has also made some progress in coordinating the layout of the integration of Lingang Innovation Center in East China. It is now communicating and negotiating smoothly with the main leaders of Jiangshan, Nantong, Lin’an and other municipal governments. Hongfei Zhang expressed he is looking forward to Lingang’s upgrade. CJ International Group will rely on its own resource advantages overseas to devote itself to the onshore and offshore business, cross-border trade and cross-border technical exchanges of Lingang Innovation Center.