Lingang Innovation Center will create a new development space for technology incubation and exchange-SHLINGANGIC

The high-precision demolition task of 10 podium buildings of Shanghai Lingang Innovation Center has started. The 2.0 version upgrade of the original high-rise buildings and new podiums will be built in the space. The appearance of the park will be transformed into something new.

“Through the innovation system of the Management Committee of the New Area, the original plot ratio of the upgraded park will be increased from 2.0 to 3.0, but this upgrade is not simply an increase in physical space.” Lin Qu, General Manager of Shanghai Lingang Center revealed. The new space will build a global cross-border technology trade center and an offshore incubation base, and this transformation will ensure that the park’s facilities are compatible with the park’s functional positioning and development layout.

The new space supports innovation and an environment for incubation

Shanghai Lingang Innovation Center was initiated by the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission in 2009 and is located in Shanghai Lingang. It is a national technology business incubator featuring intelligent manufacturing. The Center uses the Yangpu Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center’s method for technology incubation. This method includes incubation services corresponding to three growth stages of the growth process of start-ups: ideation + incubation + acceleration.

After years of practice, the Center has put forward a new round of strategic goals of “creating a global outstanding industrial cluster incubator”. Based on the three major businesses of “technology transfer, incubation services, and technology finance”, it focuses on the new goals of industrial incubation. The Center plans to accelerate the pace of mining new technologies, new industries, and new projects led by technology transfer, extend the existing entrepreneurial service system to the front and back end, and form a brand new “technology transfer + crowd-creation space + incubator + accelerator + large enterprise services” service system. This is done to better serve the development of enterprises and achieve the strategic goal of supporting incubating enterprises to cultivating industries.

This new goal coincides with the national strategy of the Lingang Special Area. It is clearly stated in Article 50 of the Special Support Policy for the Lingang Special Area that increasing the plot ratio of industrial and R&D land in the special area is a priority. For projects that meet the industrial functions of the special area, the plot ratio can be further increased. According to the holding ratio, the special area management agency may decide to reduce or exempt the land transfer price for capacity expansion. After several rounds of expert and departmental opinion consultation meetings of the Management Committee’s Regulation and Funding Department, the Management Committee approved the update report on plot ratio.

Not only can the plot ratio be increased from 2.0 to 3.0, but the nature of the land has changed from scientific research and design to general research and development.

According to the new plan, new buildings include a 15-storey building and a 17-storey building. The original two high-rise buildings form a “gradual and spiraling” pattern. Another 5-storey podium is planned to be set up with 18,000 square meters of public support areas include catering, retail, staff canteens, cultural facilities, public business network facilities, and sports facilities.

Lingang Innovation Center strives to complete the dismantling of the first phase of the park by the end of this year and put into use the 2.0 project before the end of 2024.

Lingang Innovation Center will create a new development space for technology incubation and exchange-SHLINGANGIC

Two centers usher in new starting points

On December 24, 2019, the Global Cross-Border Technology Trade Center jointly built by the National Technology Transfer East Center, Shanghai Poster Industry Group, Shanghai Lingang Group and Shanghai Technology Exchange was officially inaugurated in Lingang Innovation Center. On the same day, Lingang Innovation Center was inaugurated and transformed, becoming the first offshore incubation base for international technology in the Lingang Special Area.

The Global Cross-Border Technology Trade Center aims to build a world-class cross-border technology trade hub that integrates five service centers of technology, trade, R&D, enterprise, finance, and talent. The Center aims to attract domestic and foreign institutions related to technology transfer and technology trade to settle in Lingang, and to provide foreign scientists, entrepreneurs and technology projects with full R&D support services. The resources related to global R&D and technology trade have greatly promoted the development of the Lingang R&D industry and accelerated the R&D process of high-tech industry projects. Lin Qu, General Manager, said “at present, the International Trade Center of Shanghai Technology Exchange has settles in Lingang. We hope Lingang can also become a hub platform for free exchange and trading of foreign exchange currency capital and global cross-border technology and become the ‘Alibaba’ of technological innovation. We hope Lingang will become an important base for gathering talents at home and abroad to carry out international innovation and collaboration. We hope it can become a hub for the overall development of onshore and offshore businesses, a springboard for enterprises to expand internationally, a channel for participation in international markets, and an experimental area for economic governance.”

The offshore incubation base is composed of four major functional modules. G-C is the first choice for foreign innovation and R&D entities to settle in the Yangtze River Delta. C-G is a springboard for companies in the Yangtze River Delta to go international, helping companies quickly meet the requirements of going overseas. G-G is a hub for international cross-border technology trade, creating a cross-border technology trading system that meets international standards. C-C is for domestic innovation entities to carry out industry-university-research cooperation. Relying on the national strategy of integration of the Yangtze River Delta, the government and strategic emerging industry enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta region will actively connect with Lingang and develop in a coordinated manner.

Lingang Innovation Center actively uses technology services to link regional technology resources. It built a regional innovation service platform integrating information sharing, financial innovation, technology transfer, talent cultivation, and intellectual property services. It coordinates the development of scientific and technological resources.

At present, Lingang Innovation Center has formed strategic cooperation with CJ International Group in Canada and other international groups. In terms of investment promotion, many foreign-funded enterprises have registered, including Elanton (Shanghai) Membrane Technology Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Medical Device Research Institute (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and other enterprises. In addition, through cooperation CJ International Group, three companies have been successfully introduced into Lingang, and the Italian Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce have been in close communication to promote international cooperation and the introduction of foreign companies, and continue to promote the investment promotion of offshore incubation bases.

Lingang Innovation Center regularly holds domestic and foreign entrepreneur video conferences and meetings and has become a world-oriented place for technology and academic exchanges. Lingang Innovation Center will continue to deepen and enrich its own incubation platform, allowing every entrepreneur to find their place.