Due to its remote location and lack of development

It was once not considered favorably

The “sleeping” New City of Lingang, Shanghai

Is now spectacular!

Lingang, Shanghai is taking off-SHLINGANGIC

01 The amazing Lingang, Shanghai! Build another “Lujiazui”

Here is the first place the sun rises in Shanghai and has the most beautiful sunset glow in the city. It is far away from the city but close to the world.

This is a new city that serves the new round of Shanghai’s development strategy. This coast on the East China Sea has been quietly working hard in the past few years and is now surprising everyone as the Lingang New City of Shanghai.

Lingang, Shanghai is taking off-SHLINGANGIC

The Lingang Special Area has a total area of 873 square kilometers, which is equivalent to 42 Huangpus, 23 Jing’ans, 15 Xuhuis, and 2/3 of Pudong. It is positioned as a “central activity area” in the urban construction plan.

Lingang, Shanghai is taking off-SHLINGANGIC

Before the planning and positioning of the Lingang Special Area was finalized, only Lujiazui and Expo Front Beach in Pudong were the central activity areas. This means that Lingang may be the next “Lujiazui”!

Lingang, Shanghai is taking off-SHLINGANGIC

After the positioning was finalized, Lingang got to work quickly.

Since the official inauguration of the Lingang Free Trade Zone in 2019, the property market, corporate investment, and other various resources have poured in instantaneously. More than 130 projects and a total investment of more than 400 billion yuan have been given to the development of this new city!

At present, the tallest building planned for Lingang is the new landmark of Lingang with a height of 480 meters in the southeast area of Dishui Lake. It will become the third tallest building in Shanghai after Shanghai Center and the World Financial Center. There are many tall buildings over 300 meters in the surrounding area. The two second-tallest buildings are 320 meters tall. There are two supporting buildings of 210 meters and background buildings of 140 meters, forming a high-rise group second only to Lujiazui in height.

In addition, Lingang landmark buildings include: Dishui Lake West Island (200m Bank of China Financial Center Twin Towers), Dishui Hubei District Central Business District (300m city terminal), Lingang Avenue Station (150m landmark), Together they form the Dishui Lake Super Central Business District.

Lingang, Shanghai is taking off-SHLINGANGIC

In addition to the continuous renovation of building heights, Lingang New City is also constantly introducing high-tech talents to settle in, striving to create a young, international, and highly educated coastal city.

According to the plan, the population of Lingang will reach 2.5 million permanent residents by 2035, which is close to half of the current population of Pudong. Among them, the population with a college degree or above is 50% or more, and the number of foreigners accounts for 10% of the permanent population.

While attracting talents to settle in, Lingang is also efficiently improving its own supporting functions.

Lingang will expand 300 meters into the park, 1.5 kilometers into the forest belt, 5 kilometers into the forest. It will achieve 15 square meters of green space per capita. There will be 2 museums, 4 libraries, 3 performance venues, 6 art galleries or galleries for every 100,000 people. Lingang will also improve education, medical, and elderly service functions.

Traffic resources have also been increased.

In addition to the Shanghai’s fastest express rail transit Line 16, which is currently open, the Lingang area will also open 3 new national railways (Hutong Railway, Huzhahang Railway and Huzhou-Ningbo Railway) and 5 new municipal subway lines (Lianggang Express Line, Line 21, Caofeng Line, Fengxian Line, and Nanfeng Line) in the future. The total length of the new subway lines will be about 100 kilometers. Lingang will also build a 1+1+N hub.

Lingang, Shanghai is taking off-SHLINGANGIC

02 The entertaining Lingang, Shanghai! A paradise vacation spot for parents and their children

In the past, when talking about Lingang, one would say it is a “sleeping city” or a “ghost city.” Now when talking about Lingang, one would say it is a “paradise for children” and a “fun place in the city.”

Lingang, Shanghai is taking off-SHLINGANGIC

Dishui Lake

The Dishui Lake, which can be reached directly by Line 16, overlooks a perfect circular object with a diameter of about 2,600 meters and a total area of about 5.56 million square meters.

It is like a drop of water from the sky, falling into the sea, and there are layers of ripples. The drop of water forms a lake where it falls, attracting countless urbanites to come here in a daze, take a walk, and spend a day of leisure.

Lingang, Shanghai is taking off-SHLINGANGIC

Shanghai Planetarium

The 58,000 square meters Shanghai Planetarium, which was built with a total investment of 600 million yuan, opened in July with a high profile, attracting countless visitors.

This planetarium, known as “the strongest landmark”, stands out among the 4000 planetariums in the world. It has won countless fans with its super immersive, super interactive, and super dazzling futuristic technology.

Lingang, Shanghai is taking off-SHLINGANGIC

Wintastar Shanghai

The world’s largest indoor ski resort project, Wintastar Shanghai, is located in Lingang New City! It is composed of an indoor ski resort covering an area of 90,000 square meters and a splash center. It is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

The indoor ski resort is themed around the Alps. There are three types of ski trails. There are more than 25 snow playground projects as well as snow games and skiing experiences. The water park is based on the Nordic Viking cruise ship and has two floors, providing indoor and outdoor experiences.

Lingang, Shanghai is taking off-SHLINGANGIC

Haichang Ocean Park

Shanghai’s Haichang Ocean Park, located on the shore of Dishui Lake, consists of 12 exhibition venues, 4 large-scale marine animal interactive experience projects, 3 special effects theaters and 15 large and medium-sized amusement attractions.

Since its opening, this ocean park has received unanimous praise from tourists and has become an important new landmark in the Lingang area.

Lingang, Shanghai is taking off-SHLINGANGIC

Nanhuizui Guanhai Park

Facing the vast East China Sea, Shanghai’s Nanhuizui Guanhai Park is the “paradise on earth” in the hearts of countless photographers.

Lingang, Shanghai is taking off-SHLINGANGIC

The iconic sculpture “Sinan Fish” composed of 120 tons of stainless-steel pipes is a “sacred place” where you can shoot large science fiction movies in minutes. When the weather is good, you can see the endless starry sky here, very romantic!

In addition to these great places to have fun, the Tangxia Road, known as the “Magic City’s Most Beautiful Road”, the Shanghai Maritime Museum with infinite navigation secrets, and the flower port with a sea of flowers sitting on thousands of acres… all entrenched in Lingang New City!

Lingang, Shanghai is taking off-SHLINGANGIC

03 The abundant Lingang, Shanghai! Comprehensive shopping malls are coming one after another

Once known as the “entertainment desert”, Lingang New City after several years of development, has created the Gangcheng Xintiandi, Bailian Lingang Life Center, Lingang Wanda Plaza, Powerlong City Plaza, Gangcheng Plaza, etc., shopping malls.

Lingang, Shanghai is taking off-SHLINGANGIC

Since its opening in 2017, the first phase of Gangcheng Xintiandi has attracted more than 30 brand merchants to settle, bringing convenience to the surrounding residents and tourists.

In 2020, the three-story open commercial district along the street Gangcheng Xintiandi was opened one after another starting from New Year’s Day. Well-known brand merchants have signed contracts to settle in and continue to empower the commerce in the main urban area of Lingang.

As a new generation of community-based shopping malls, Bailian Lingang Life Center integrates shopping and leisure, parent-child education, catering and entertainment, community facilities and other functions. The business format planning involves supermarkets, department stores, pharmacies, catering, education, etc. 45 brands have settled as merchants.

Among them, there are 12 brands in the ① store and 24 brands in the Lingang ① store. Not only are well-known brands such as Huawei, Tim Hortons, Chow Tai Fook, Adidas, Nike, and Skechers found here, but also Jiang Hotel, Shunfeng Hotel, Shefengtang, ISE, Yule Beibei, and other food and beverages, fashion, sports, art, and education brands. In addition, the first store of the national brand “Honglu Tea Space” is introduced to allow consumers to fully enjoy the new interactive shopping experience of eating, drinking, and having fun.

Lingang, Shanghai is taking off-SHLINGANGIC

Lingang Wanda Plaza highlights the “whale” element. It means that the whale meets the blue ocean, meets the water to make money! It fully focuses on four functions of physical examination/culture/social/life, and the proportion of experience formats will gradually increase to more than 80%.

The total volume is more than 220,000 square meters (80,800 square meters in the commercial part), with more than 1,000 parking spaces. It is positioned as a full-floor leisure shopping center. The entire project has 5 floors: 1 underground level and 4 floors above ground. The grand opening is scheduled for December 23, 2021.

04 Lingang, Shanghai, see you in September! A paradise vacation spot for parents and their children

Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai Ocean University, Shanghai Dianji University, Shanghai Jianqiao University, and Shanghai Customs University Lingang International Campus have successively settled here, adding youthful vitality here.

The school season in September is about to usher in, and these colleges and universities will also welcome a group of new students to spend a happy and fulfilling four years here.

Lingang, Shanghai is taking off-SHLINGANGIC

Shanghai Maritime University

Founded in 1909 and known as the “Cradle of Navigators”, Shanghai Maritime University specializes in shipping, logistics, and oceanography, and also includes disciplines such as engineering, management, economics, law, literature, science, and art.

Lingang, Shanghai is taking off-SHLINGANGIC

Shanghai Ocean University

Shanghai Ocean University, formerly known as the Jiangsu Provincial Fisheries College, was founded in 1912. The school has two campuses: Huchenghuan Road Campus and Jungong Road Campus, as well as 386 acres for Binhai Base and 56.7 acres for Xiangshan Science and Education Base.

In addition, the main campus of Shanghai Ocean University, the Huchenghuan Road campus, occupies an area of more than 1,600 acres, and enjoys unlimited seaside views.

Lingang, Shanghai is taking off-SHLINGANGIC

Shanghai Jianqiao University

Due to its characteristic campus architecture, Shanghai Jianqiao College, which is always favored by TV dramas, is an application-oriented, non-profit full-time private general higher education school focusing on undergraduate education.

As of September 2020, the school campus covers an area of 532,500 square meters, with a construction area of about 420,000 square meters, a total value of 250 million yuan in teaching and research equipment, and a collection of more than 1.58 million books. There are 13 colleges with 34 undergraduate majors. 21,356 full-time students are enrolled, including 18,790 undergraduates, and 1,347 faculty members.

Lingang, Shanghai is taking off-SHLINGANGIC

Shanghai Dianji University

Established in 1953, the Shanghai Dianji University was established by the Electrical Industry Administration Bureau of the former Ministry of Machinery Industry and formed by some teachers and students at Shanghai Middle School, Shanghai Industrial School, and National Shanghai Advanced Mechanical Vocational School. There are two large campuses in Lingang and Minhang with an area of 1147 acres

Lingang, Shanghai is taking off-SHLINGANGIC

Shanghai Customs College Lingang International Campus

Founded in 1953, Shanghai Customs College is the only full-time undergraduate college that is led and managed by the General Administration of Customs, and systematically set up customs courses and majors. It is jointly established by the General Administration of Customs and the Shanghai Municipal Government to train customs civil servants and social economic and trade talents.

No. 11 Lingang Avenue has become the Lingang International Campus of Shanghai Customs College. It covers an area of about 12 acres, with a construction area of 22,878 square meters (including 3,840 square meters underground). The main building is 11 floors high, and the two podium buildings are 6 floors and 4 floors high. The campus is planned to start renovations in 2022 and officially open in 2023. The Lingang International Campus of Shanghai Customs College mainly focuses on international education to carry out various teaching activities. It will undertake three major functions, carrying out international chemical education, foreign-related training, introducing brand projects and research institutions of the World Customs Organization, and building a high-end think tank on customs.

After reading this article, do you have a new understanding of Lingang?

In the past, Lingang felt like a very distant city, now it feels very close to the world. Lingang will become a fun trendy city. Let us wait and see!

Lingang, Shanghai is taking off-SHLINGANGIC