The Overseas Affairs Department of Lingang Innovation Center has been growing under the stress of the pandemic. Through previous efforts, the Overseas Affairs Department has established close ties with many domestic and foreign enterprises. On August 20th, Xiaoqiong Dai, President of the United Kingdom Joint Holdings Investment Company, Guoqiang Wang, General Manager of Jiangsu Shuoshi Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and Giordano Zizzi, Vice President of Meilin Holding Group and Project Leader of Sino-Italian International Cooperation Demonstration Zone came to Lingang Innovation Center. Hongfei Zhang, general manager of the Overseas Affairs Department of Lingang Innovation Center, Hua Yang, Dean of Global Cross-Border Technology Exchange Research Institute, and Weifeng Hu, head of Fenghua, Ningbo Branch of Lingang Innovation Center attended the reception.

Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs visit the Overseas Affairs Department of Lingang Innovation Center-SHLINGANGIC

Based on the many favorable policies launched by the Lingang Special Area on the second anniversary of its establishment, Hongfei Zhang introduced Lingang’s industrial policy, talent policy, taxation policy and various high-quality services provided by Lingang Innovation Center to the Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs. Questions raised by the entrepreneurs there were answered in detail, so that they had a more in-depth and specific understanding of Lingang. Weifeng Hu the Fenghua, Ningbo Branch and the local investment promotion policy to Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs.

President Xiaoqiong Dai introduced the global strategy of British United Holdings’ investment and its layout in China and indicated that the investment in Lingang was listed as their priority.

Guoqiang Wang, General Manager of Jiangsu Shuoshi Biotechnology Co., Ltd., also expressed his keen interest in the development of Lingang. Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2019, headquartered in Jiangsu, with subsidiaries in Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an, Taizhou, Hainan and Yinchuan, the company has been one of the leading manufacturers of molecular diagnostic solutions in the global invitro diagnostic market and a pioneer in the molecular diagnostic market since 2010. Its products include real-time PCR kits, nucleic acid extraction systems, rapid detection, and automated laboratory equipment, etc., with 500 number of products, 32 patents, 14 software copyrights and more than 60 NMPA registration certificates. Since the establishment of the International Marketing Division in June 2020, under the authorization of internationally renowned public health organizations and institutions, the products have been marketed in more than 70 countries around the world and will cover more countries in the near future. Shuoshi Biology hopes to establish a R&D center in Lingang and is considering building a new lab in the Fenghua, Ningbo Branch.

Giordano Zizzi, vice president of Meilin Holding Group Co., Ltd. and Project Leader of the Sino-Italian International Cooperation Demonstration Zone, introduced the current status of Italian investment in China, and recommended several companies to develop in Lingang and Ningbo. High-tech foreign companies, such as BioathletiQ GmbH, have developed the first smart ring that can measure stress and integrated more than 320 additional wearable devices for data analysis on an artificial intelligence-based digital health platform. Preventive health technology and predictive stress management are a combination of artificial intelligence and digital health.

The visiting Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs said that through this exchange, they have a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of Lingang, and they have greater confidence in the investment and development of Lingang. They look forward to working with Lingang Innovation Center. In the next few weeks, the Overseas Affairs Department will continue to receive Japanese companies such as Psychic, Smart Cloud, and Northern Tianli.