According to the “Notice of SMEC and SMIC on carrying out the Third-Party Evaluation of Service Quality for SME in 2020” ( Shanghai Jingxin Trade Co., Ltd. [2020] No. 991) requirements, the Municipal Economic Information Commission organized and carried out related evaluation work. The evaluation level of service institutions participating in the third-party evaluation in 2020 will be publicized.

Lingang Innovation Center is located in the core area of Lingang Special Area and enjoys the special policies of the Free Trade Zone. It is the intelligent manufacturing subcenter of the National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center and the only “national technology business incubator”. It has been successively recognized as “Shanghai Technology Business Incubator”, “Shanghai Advanced Group of Incubation Services”, “Advanced Unit for Quality Work in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi, and Shanghai”, “Pudong New Area Mayor Quality Award Nomination Enterprise” and ” A compelling new force incubator of Shanghai” etc.
Good news: Lingang Innovation Center won the Outstanding Service Organization in the 2020 Shanghai SME Service Quality Third-Party Evaluation-SHLINGANGIC

Four strengths of Lingang Special Area and preferential policies of Lingang Innovation Center

The first is the ecosystem environment. At present, Lingang Special Area has gathered a large number of domestic top companies in integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, biopharmaceuticals, aerospace, etc. As time goes by, more upstream and downstream companies will certainly be watching Lingang and coupled with a good industry-university-research ecosystem, it will bring new momentum to our future development.

The second is the industrial policy. The Lingang Special Area provides many support policies to technology enterprises, such as R&D subsidies and regional procurement subsidies, which provide practical and strong support for our development.

Enterprises that meet the relevant conditions will receive corresponding tax incentives:

Value-added tax reduction:0-30%

Corporate income tax relief:10-100%

Individual income tax relief :0-30%

Business incubation financing:

Venture capital :100,000 to 10 million

Equity investment :500,000 to 50 million

Science and Technology Fund :100,000 to 5 million

The third is the talent policy. The talent settlement and housing security policies introduced by Lingang has increased the attraction of talents. At present, Lingang has gathered many young talents. The new area of Lingang is helping young people to build a working and living atmosphere that they are willing to stay.

The fastest talent settlement policy

Optimal point discount system

Maximum housing subsidy policy

The fourth is industrial park services. As an industrial park, Lingang Innovation Center actively provides a series of investment and science and technology services for our business development, helping the company achieve a smooth landing.