During the two sessions in Shanghai in 2021, Xie Jihua, representative of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress and general manager of Shanghai Yangpu Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center Co., Ltd., suggested supporting the Shanghai Technology Exchange in servicing the listing of state-owned technological innovation enterprises on the Sci-tech Innovation Board and guiding state-owned technological intangible assets to enter the market Exploring business models to provide policy convenience for the exchange.

Support the Shanghai Technology Exchange to explore and serve the listing of state-owned technological innovation enterprises on the  Sci-tech Innovation Board-SHLINGANGIC

Xie Jihua suggested building an “incubator” for the listing and cultivation of state-owned science and technology enterprises, improving the technological innovation input mechanism of state-owned enterprises, optimizing the market-oriented disposal mechanism of state-owned technological intangible assets, creating a “technical public resource navigation platform”, and improving the state-owned enterprise’s core technological research capabilities.

Xie Jihua said that the Shanghai Technology Exchange, by forming a complementary mechanism in the technological dimension with the Sci-tech Innovation Board and ChiNext, promotes the close integration of technology and capital elements, and is a state-owned technological innovation enterprise that conforms to the national strategy and is highly recognized by the market for the overall listing or core business. Assets provide an “incubator” for public listing.

Xie Jihua also said that state-owned enterprises should play a leading role in advancing supply-side structural reforms, adjust and optimize the allocation of factors between industries, strengthen the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into actual productivity, release new demand through the Shanghai Technology Exchange, and create new supply. It is recommended to explore the non-disclosure agreement entry trading mechanism of state-owned technology intangible assets and the entry trading mechanism of technology property equity.

He suggested that the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress should coordinate the relevant commissions and offices of the Shanghai Technology Exchange as the basis for the authenticity and validity of transactions, simplify the evaluation procedures of state-owned assets of scientific and technological achievements, shorten the evaluation cycle, and improve the use of evaluation results. Study the establishment of an asset evaluation report publicity system, further optimize the registration and modification procedures of state-owned assets, and improve the efficiency of transformation of scientific and technological achievements.