On the afternoon of February 4th, the Lingang Special Area joined the first Science and Technology Innovation Conference to summarize the scientific and technological innovation work since the establishment of the new area and clarify the relevant work goals for 2021. Zhu Zhisong, member of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Lingang Special Area, and Executive Deputy Director of the Management Committee, attended the meeting.

The first Lingang Special Area Technology  Innovation Conference was held-SHLINGANGIC

At the meeting, the High-tech Industry and Technology Innovation Division of the Management Committee made a report on the work of the conference, summarized the progress of scientific and technological innovation, and clarified relevant work goals and tasks for 2021; Yao Jun, Dean of the Zhu Guangya Institute of Strategic Science and Technology, and Xu Dong, General Manager of Xinwei Semiconductor Company Make speeches at the conference; the town governments and development entities of the special area also signed a letter of responsibility for jointly promoting the development of scientific and technological innovation and services with the management committee.

The first Lingang Special Area Technology  Innovation Conference was held-SHLINGANGIC

The conference also set up 120 video sub-venues, and nearly 3,000 people from various towns, parks and enterprises related to technological innovation attended the conference simultaneously.

Zhu Zhisong said that the Lingang Special Area Management Committee will support enterprises to set up “specialized, special and new” R&D centers, promote continuous iterative upgrading of technology, stay at the forefront, and maintain the strongest competitiveness of the enterprise itself and the sustainable development of the industry. He emphasized that the financing of enterprises in the Special area will be more convenient. As long as the technology, products or services of the enterprise are feasible, advanced and market-looking, the special area will open up more channels for direct or indirect financing of enterprises. Provide the best service.

Zhu Zhisong pointed out that in accordance with the state and Shanghai’s latest strategic positioning for technological self-reliance and self-reliance, General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward the “five important” directive requirements for the special area. Technological innovation will inevitably be the core driving force for the development of the special area of the city. The sharp knife company and vanguard of national and Shanghai technological innovation. He emphasized that only by seizing the opportunity of the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, seizing the opportunity of profound adjustments in the global industrial chain, supply chain, and service chain, strengthening the function of scientific and technological innovation, and providing high-level technological supply, can we better Only by participating in international cooperation and competition on behalf of the country can we seize opportunities and turn crises into opportunities in the new development pattern.

Zhu Zhisong puts forward three requirements for the scientific and technological innovation of the special area in the next stage:

The first is to improve the position, deepen the understanding, and continuously enhance the sense of mission, responsibility, and urgency of the “vanguard” of technological innovation.

The second is to speed up the pace, increase efforts, and comprehensively enhance the function of scientific and technological innovation sources, and achieve three “play well”: play a good “double special card”, accelerate the promotion of opening up advantages into technological innovation advantages; play a good “tough battle” , Accelerate the construction of an open industrial system with international market influence; fight the “transition war” and accelerate the promotion of technological innovation to empower urban development and enable a better life.

The third is to coordinate and link up and promote each director’s strength to accelerate the formation of a vivid pattern of technological innovation and vitality. Government departments must build a good platform and provide good services; enterprise entities must strive to be the protagonist and release vitality; colleges and universities, innovation platforms, and development Companies and financial institutions need to develop their strengths and cooperate in coordination.

Municipal Party Committee Military-civilian Integration Office, Municipal Party Committee Cyberspace Affairs Office,Municipal Development as well as Reform Commission, Municipal Science and Technology Commission,Municipal Science as well as Technology Commission.

Municipal Economic and Information Commission, Municipal Water Affairs Bureau (Ocean Bureau), Municipal Communications Administration, Municipal Science and Technology Association, etc., each of the Special Area Management Committee Departments, market supervision bureaus, investment promotion centers, representatives of various towns, development entities, enterprises, and some heads of universities as well as research institutes in Shanghai attended the meeting.