• Finance
    Increase support for the issuance of government bonds in the new area.
    Strengthen the flexible use of crossborder funds.
    Develop cross-border financial services based on international standards.
    Promote the construction of a fund management center tape-out
  • Talents
    Optimize the policy for direct settlement of talents in the new area.
    Shorten the number of years of “transfer of households” in the new area.
    Implement special bonus points policy for residence permit.
    Establish green channels for overseas talent work and entrepreneurship.
  • Tax
    Corporate income tax: 15% reduction for the four major industries.
    Enterprise value-added tax: there is a corresponding subsidy policy.
    Personal income tax: subsidies for the tax burden difference of overseas high-end and in short supply.
  • Industry
    Support core breakthrough in technologies and products, facilitate construction and promotion of industrial competence, boost independent innovation capacity building.
    Policy Advantages-SHLINGANGIC